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Data Tools for Open Development

Public Online Monitoring

If aid is to have an impact, information related to aid should be easily accessible by all stakeholders, particulary to beneficiaries. Open data is the precondition for citizen feedback, for public monitoring of aid projects and for holding aid agencies to account. It is also crucial for improved knowledge sharing and fact-based decision making.

We build tools to illustrate the value of open data in development cooperation like "Offene Entwicklungshilfe" visualising German aid flows since 2000.

Awareness raising for Open Development

Transparency Campaign

Transparency is crucial for aid effectiveness and improved feedback processes in development cooperation. Therefore OpenAid advocates for more transparency in governmental and non-governmental aid organisations.

We create awareness about open data in development in Germany and other European countries through workshops, publication and direct lobbying. We promote specifically the open data standard developed by the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI). 

Networking for Open Development

Transparency Network

Open data and open knowledge sharing is a new concept in development cooperation. To achieve a culture change in development cooperation enthusiasts with different organisational and professional backgrounds like anti-corruption, civic participation, technology and governance will need to work together.

We build networks and form coalitions to realise our vision of open and effective development cooperation. We collaborate closely with an international network of open aid data champions.

"My CEO will tear off my head, if I suggest to him that we implement IATI." These were the precise words of a senior policy person of a big German NGO when I presented IATI some 18 months ago. In the past, reactions of other NGO representatives have been less drastic but still very clearly negative. But times are changing! In the last few...

In October 2011 the Open Knowledge Foundation organised its big annual Open Government Data Conference in Warsaw, Poland. After the conference a small group of people interested in development cooperation and development gathered in a side event in Warsaw to discuss where we stood in “open development”. What a contrast to the Open...

Somebody said mergers are a sign of consolidation and maturity. We do not know if that is true, but the Open Knowledge Foundation Germany and OpenAid will merge! As of now, OpenAid will be the “development project” of the Open Knowledge Foundation Germany. We are confident, that this is a very good development.

On the 2nd of May aidinfo (UK) hosted an event in London on aid transparency with Brian Atwood, the current chair of the OECD Development Assistance Committee. This blog post by Alexandra Beech from aidinfo highlights key elements of Brian Atwoods presentation and the discussion. It is no exaggeration to suggest that the (transparency) movement...