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Posted by aidinfo

The future of aid is changing.

Last week, at an event in Washington DC, USAID announced plans to publish details of their aid programmes in a form accessible to people in developing countries, as well as their own taxpayers. And on Friday, the EU Foreign Affairs Council agreed that member states would publish details of their aid in an internationally comparable format.

This is a big deal, and something that we in the aid transparency world have been hoping will happen for a long time; it is a huge step forward in the path towards more effective aid.

It means that from next year, donors making up at least two thirds of aid to less developed countries will be publishing detailed, up to date information about aid through the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI). The first part of this new global standard was agreed in July this year. The UK, which together with Sweden and the Netherlands has played a leading role in this initiative, will have its first data online next month.  Many other donors, including the World Bank and the EC, will soon follow. Read more »