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Neue Initiative fördert Transparenz in Afrika

15 Nov 2010
Erstellt von aidinfo
Hivos and the Omidyar Network have announced the launch of the Africa Transparency and Technology Initiative (ATTI). Omidyar’s plan to support this initiative comes from their investment goals in the area of Government Transparency, with intentions to dedicate up to $2million to ATTI over the next two years. Hivos will oversee this investment, taking up a role to administer the money into ATTI on Omidyar’s behalf. 
The Omidyar Network invest in organisations providing technology and media platforms that enable citizens to participate in government processes, whilst also holding their governments to account. Over the last 2 years they have given over $23 million to firms, as part of their drive to further transparency in government. The idea behind ATTI is that, by supporting relevant technology-driven schemes, it will give citizens the tools to hold their governments to account.

ATTI will be used as a way of complimenting the Omidyar Network’s investments to well-established government transparency organisations in Sub-Saharan Africa, by delivering single-instance payments to smaller organisations that they feel operate in an innovative way. All this is good news then; here we have investment in technologies driven by the need for greater transparency in African governments. We think this is a great idea and something that is clearly needed. The combination of technology and citizen empowerment has the potential to greatly improve transparency in government. This expectation also applies to aid, which makes it an especially exciting development for us. We’ll be watching this new initiative with great interest, and relish the opportunity for southern citizens and CSOs to get involved. 

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